Seaport Systems was originally founded as Fathom Fishing in 2019, by Andy Whitman. While working at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution on the Alvin manned submersible, he used revolutionary technologies and interacted with world-class scientists but noticed none of the breakthroughs were being implemented in industry. On a trip home to Swans Island, Maine, a small fishing village where Andy's family lives, Fathom Fishing was born with the goal of building innovative sensing technologies for the lobster fishery in Maine.

Andy Whitman, Owner of Seaport Systems

The lobster fishery was facing (and still is) a number of unique social, political and technical challenges. We set out to quantify the ocean with data and analytics in a way that could help address the perceived sociopolitical issues with fishing; enable the fishermen to be more productive and efficient than ever; while ensuring the sustainability of the fishery for decades to come.

What began as a specialized venture, crafting cutting-edge tools for lobster fishermen, quickly blossomed into a much greater opportunity. As we interacted with working waterfronts, researchers and ocean stakeholders, we discovered how applicable our work was to aquaculturists, researchers and regulators.

Today we primarily engineer and manufacture technologies that help small oyster and seaweed farmers scale their operations! With data and analytics we can help farmers effectively plan and manage their operations. Utilizing purpose built tools and equipment, we can help farmers maximize their time and safety.

In 2024 we rebranded to Seaport Systems as a sign of our dedication to both the original lobster fishery we set out to help, and all stakeholders of our world's ocean!